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How can we save money with Consumer Care Finance?

At Consumer Care Finance, we have some of the most competitive programs running for our loan providers. We have different programs that would certainly help lenders save a huge bucks. Loan providers can also get a higher approval percentage. The company has free website access along with no yearly fees, no enrollment fees and free provider occupied application page. Besides saving some bucks, you will be able to enjoy many benefits.

Why should we work with Consumer Care Finance? Would we be entitled with advantages?

Instead, you should be asking why you should not work with Consumer Care Finance because the benefits are more. As a provider, you will be entitled with the highest payouts. Besides that lenders will have the advantages of availing our expert customer service. In fact, our efficient customer support is made available for both customers and providers. We further offer:

Quick funding (from three days to seven days)

Multiple loan options and lending sources

Highest approval rates irrespective of credit levels

Is Consumer Care Finance a Finance Company or a Lender?

We are neither the lender nor the finance company. Consumer Care Finance acts as a loan processing company. In addition, we are not affiliated to any particular finance company or money lender.

What is the payment procedure?

It basically depends upon the lender. Different lenders have different policies to act upon or follow. However, you will get payment seven to fourteen days in advance as most of our partners do pay like this.

How can patients apply?

Consumer Care Finance supplies brochures and application forms to your office. Your patients can simply fill-out the application and then call or fax the same to us. It will not charge them as we use toll free phone number of patients.

The Sign up Procedure:

Can you see “Click here to Enroll Now?” If you can, just click on that and fill-out a provider Information Sheet. As soon as you accomplish the task, you will immediately get a call from our customer executive.

This PROVIDER’S FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION section is teeming with all possible answers of your queries. If you are still left with queries that are not maintained or answered in this section or page, you can feel free to call us or email us mentioning your concern. Talk to our versatile professionals who are ready to serve you round the clock.

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