Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Consumer Care Finance focuses on how the website i.e. helps and protects users by not disclosing their personal information. Whatever information you share with us that remains undisclosed. All your personal information is safe, protected and secure. It is used very carefully and in a responsible manner.

Our Top Priority is to Protect You and Your Data.

With the help of advanced technology, storage system and data-encryption, Consumer Care Finance ensures your sensitive data or information remains a top secret. We use quite sensibly when necessary and apply technical, physical and administrative safeguards to pledge quality controls.

This is How We Protect Your Personal Information:

      Consumer Care Finance maintains procedures to handle all important information carefully.

We have a database for our user’s privacy preferences.

There is a team of professionals to work for you.

The professionals are industry-trained and have years of experience. Moreover, they are trained how to deal with customers and keep customer privacy and confidentiality.

Employee handbooks help our professionals to keep all information safe and protected.

Checking or reviewing company security practices.

Limitation of physical access through modern security systems and guard personnel.